About Us

In 2006 Lasting Legacy was established along with Heritage Funeral Home.

A pet memorial is a comforting symbol of your beloved pet and serves as an eternal reminder of the special times that were shared.

The marker may include your pets name and dates in which they lived.  Placing an epitaph allows you to describe your pet or how they made you feel.  Lasting Legacy, has a number of different designs, epitaphs and fonts allowing you to truly customize your memorial according to your pet.

Designing your own pet memorial with your favorite photograph and special words will create a beautiful, long lasting tribute to your pet.

These memorials can be placed into a pet cemetery or be placed in a backyard or garden.  If placed in a backyard, pet memorials are great for mobility.  In the event of moving to a new location you may bring your beautiful pet memorial, allowing you to preserve the precious memories of your pet.

If you have a pet that has already died, a pet memorial is a way to mark their place.

Recently Lasting Legacy purchased a diamond etcher to design beautiful monuments for the families we serve.  We would like to extend our services to the families that have lost a loving pet.  Black granite is used for all pet memorial designs.

We at Lasting Legacy know that pets play a very important part in a person and a family’s life.

If you are interested in creating a pet memorial for a beloved pet, please contact us. We are here to help you through this difficult time.